Welcome to CoEEB 2023

2023 International Joint Conference on Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology (CoEEB 2023) will be held during May 19-21, 2023 in Stockholm,Sweden. The conference is dedicated to providing the platform and opportunities for researchers, scientists, engineers and scholars to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas in the common research fields, and to discuss practical issues, the challenges encountered as well as the solutions adopted.


The development of environmental engineering technology and biotechnology has brought great benefits to address global grand challenges in terms of the renewable energy transition, soil and water conservation and desertification control, climate change and global warming. While existing researches mainly adopt a local vision to view renewable energy and environmental engineering technology, the far-reaching ecological impact of these engineering projects is little explored. The ecosystem is an entity of complex network connections, where one slight change can affect the whole, but these complex interconnections remain little known to humans. The interlinkage of different ecological elements calls for a systems vision.


The CoEEB 2023 conference committee is excited to invite authors and scholars from all over the world to participate in this significant conference. The authors and scholars are encouraged to submit research papers/abstract on the topics of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology, which are in a wide span from engineering and natural science (energy-saving materials and low-carbon building, renewability of renewable energy, watershed governance, ecology and forest conservation, land use and land cover change, soil & water loss, environmental chemistry and pollution control, environmental impact assessment and management) to social science (energy policy and carbon pricing, transition to circular economy, ecological economics, and socio-hydrology).


We recognize that the future for environmental engineering and biotechnology scientists is one where they will be working in interdisciplinary teams, especially in partnership with social scientists, to solve new, complex and evolving problems that will require innovative solutions. Therefore, we strongly encourage the participation in interdisciplinary studies at this conference where multidisciplinary researches are presented.


The conference will start with the registration on May 19, 2022, followed by two days of technical sessions consisting of plenary lectures and keynote speeches to overall audience and oral presentations and poster presentations by participants in parallel sessions as well as social networking events.


We truly believe that CoEEB 2023 will build a bridge for all the participants to have spirited discussions and exchange insightful thoughts on the broad field of environmental engineering and biotechnology. Finally, we do wish all of you to have a memorable experience on the conference and seize this opportunity to promote future international collaborations.


Prof. Guoqian Chen (Chair)

Peking University, China

Reviewer Application

As a global event focused on research areas of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology, CoEEB 2022 provides an effective platform and valuable opportunities to meet many renowned experts and researchers with expertise in the relative fields. If you are interested in acting as member of the Technical Committee or would like know more information about this event, please contact us at committees@iaeeee.org.

Submission Methods

Authors are welcome to submit an abstract proposal or full paper to the conference through the online submission system. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at coeeb@iaeeee.org

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Please note that if you are new to the system, the first step for starting the submission is to sign up.


After abstract proposal or full paper being accepted, at least one of the authors should attend the conference and make a poster or oral presentation.

In the case of virtual conference due the Covid-19 epidemic, presenters should follow the online presentation guidelines and help conference organizers with technology test prior to the event.


In order for their paper to be published in the Conference Proceedings and presented at the conference. At least one of the authors must register for the conference and pay a full registration fee. Accepted and registered full paper will be published in the digital conference proceeding.


Conference presented and registered full paper will be included in digital conference proceeding, and submitted to major citation databases like Ei Compendex, SCOPUS, Google Scholar etc. for reviewing and indexing.